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  • Wunderinked Tattoo Love


    Wünderinked Tattoo Love
    Kind of a salve but more of a balm for your art loving and embellished skin. Made with shea butter, virgin coconut oil, a dash of beeswax, Frankincense, Lavender and a skoshi of Rosemary Essential oil. Each EO is known for their healing, antiseptic, antimicrobial, and cell recovery properties.
    Apply a veil like layer of Wünderink Tattoo Balm as many times a day as you feel necessary.
    Care for your ink, it's now a part of you forever!

    Follow your tattoo artists instructions to the 'T'! As with my most recent tattoo, I gingerly washed it 3 times a day, not allowing any general soaps or shampoos to come in contact with it, as well as any type of salve or lotion. After the 3rd day, I began applying Tattoo Love any time it felt dry, tight or itchy.

    Avoid contamination, wash hands thoroughly before each and every application. Do not share, and keep lid tightly secured between uses