Wünderbars for all humankind

Ring of Fire Muscle Balm


Primarily contained in a 2 oz twist up tube for maximum ease of you, the consumer!

Ring of Fire Muscle Rub
Wünderbar muscle and joint relief

Mollify your ache, allay your vexed and smarting muscles with this excellent muscle rub.

Apply liberally and keep in mind that heat and sweat intensifies the balm.

Do not get in eyes or other sensitive areas.

Cayenne, fresh grated organic ginger, Habanero and Thai Chili's. EO's, Natural menthol, comfrey root, shea butter, beeswax, virgin organic coconut oil, and raw unrefined organic cocoa butter create this fiery batch of muscle goodness.
Cruelty free/vegan friendly options as well.