Wünderbars for all humankind

Mudra Palm (3 oz)



We have created a magical bit of goodness with a secret balance of Nut Butters, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, and just the right amount of essential oils. The bars melt at body temperature for a glide perfect application for general skin benefits and deep moisturizing and for giving a deep tissue massage (or any type!)
Aromatic, smooth and moisturizing these massage bars will not only keep you supple and smelling delicious, they will protect your skin with the naturally occurring surfactant quality in the beeswax alone! (each ingredient offers a multitude of healing properties)

Supremely wondrous all natural & unrefined handmade solid balm massage and body bars; for beards, road rash, ill tempered muscles and tattoos , pregnant bellies, cracking feet and phalanges, and whole body care. Just a handful of ingredients - restore - smell excellent - stay moisturized and protected from the elements- feel the LOVE! Wünderbars is for all humankind!