Wünderbars for all humankind

Wünderbars, for all humankind!

Bikers, babies, artists and bakers, construction workers, chefs & mechanics you too, come one, come all!  Solid balm for massage and needy body bars for whole body care. Consider your parts... pregnant bellies, beards,  ill tempered muscles, fresh tattoos, scar prevention, cracking feet and phalanges, bothersome and aching joints, road rash, faces and bums, we've got you covered.

Delight in the essence of Wünderbars! A deep moisturizing & long lasting balm, handcrafted for you with merely a handful of unrefined natural ingredients; a magical combination of butters and oils with a dash of heavenly beeswax that melt at skin temperature for perfect application.
Originally designed as a massage medium with body workers in mind, Wünderbars create the perfect glide with little resistance, offering an all natural, low-allergen medium that is portable and unique. With a multitude of essential oils available, the scents are light and lingering,  soothing to the soul and nourishing to the skin.
All Wünderproducts are made to order! You can modify the consistency, mix and match oils or simply leave it to me!The natural oils and butters melt at skin temperature. To apply, warm the balm between your palms and apply to directly to skin. If you have a tin, slightly scoop balm out of the container and apply to your needy skin and reap the benefits!

* All products are made to order, with the exception of 'Ring of fire'*

Greetings happy, health conscious consumer!
Please note, Wünderbars are an all natural, artisan product made with raw, and organic ingredients meaning they are free of preservatives. As a result they can be sensitive environmental factors. For best quality and longevity, store with lid intact and in a dry location out of the direct sun.
Wünderbars is not licensed in aromatherapy, nor am I a master herbalist or a professional in any other medical field. All Wünderbars products must be utilized at your own discretion and with the utmost of common sense and safety in mind. Read the ingredients and take into account all medical conditions or allergies that may apply to you before use.
** Ring of Fire Muscle Rub is NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN. This product is for EXTERNAL use only. Do not get product in eyes or other sensitive areas of the body. Please use extra common sense with this product **
As with all products, perform a small patch test to an insensitive part of the body before use. It is important to note that while all of these products contain natural ingredients, even natural ingredients can cause allergic reactions in some individuals.  It is imperative that you test any substance on a small area of skin (preferably on the inner arm area) before using in the recommended way.  If any redness, swelling or sensitivity occurs within 20-30 minutes, discontinue use immediately and remove the substance well. 
Wünderbars' products are not FDA regulated. All of our products are recommended for external use only.
Wünderbars does not sell items for use in food.
My guarantee- I want you to love Wünderbars as much as I do and if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, I will replace the order without question

Wünderbars is responsible for safely & securely shipping out your order in a very timely fashion. If any if your product makes it to your damaged, please contact me within 5 days of said arrival for the replacement of damaged product or a credit.  After this allotted time, Wünderbars will not be held responsible for the shipping damages. 

To preserve the quality of your Wünderbars, tins and twist up tubes, keep out of direct sunlight or other very warm areas, or melting can occur! 

Please reuse your tin. There are limitless possibilities; recycling, up-cycling, re-purposing.

Thank you for being fantastic
Christin M., Wünderbars LLC Founder, Artisan and CEO